The need for inspiring and knowledgeable Professors (a la Hematology Professor)

Anatomy presented in 3D Models almost like a real live human being

Classroom Interaction and Discussion

Multimedia Learning_Environment

Organ System Based learning

Problem-based solving and learning (Making the Diagnosis)

Probability theory

Decision analysis


How the mind works

How patient information is processed

How the clinician solves problems and makes decisions (Society for Medical Decision Making)

University of the Philippines






Goals: provide the best possible care


cost containment'health care rationing'

legal, moral and ethical issues: informed consent

"student learn better by teaching themselves than by rote memorization abnd regurgitation of didactic lectures


Students must be inspired to think, to read, to learn, to solve, to decide and not to meorize.

"teach problem-solving"


IBM Watson: Feed it best available data INSTEAD OF IT CONsiderating " all relevant and not relevant information)

Store: Best evidence data.

USMLE Reviewer (Subscription Required)