Anthrax spores can remain dormant in the respiratory tract for how long?

1 week

6 weeks

6 months

1 year

3 years

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The correct answer is B. You answered A.

The answer is B.(Chap. 261e) Anthrax is caused by the gram-positive spore-forming rod Bacillus anthracis. Anthrax spores may be the prototypical disease of bioterrorism. Although not spread person to person, inhalational anthrax has a high mortality, has a low infective dose (five spores), and may be spread widely with aerosols after bioengineering. It is well documented that anthrax spores were produced and stored as potential bioweapons. In 2001, the United States was exposed to anthrax spores delivered as a powder in letters. Of 11 patients with inhalational anthrax, 5 died. All 11 patients with cutaneous anthrax survived. Because anthrax spores can remain dormant in the respiratory tract for 6 weeks, the incubation period can be quite long, and postexposure antibiotics are recommended for 60 days. Trials of a recombinant vaccine are under way.