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A 27-year-old man presents for evaluation of the skin lesions pictured. On examination, he has deep-seated, painful nodules and plaques in the areas seen in the figure. All of the following diseases are classically associated with this skin finding EXCEPT:


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FIGURE II-29 Courtesy of Robert Swerlick, MD; with permission.


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The correct answer is C. You answered C.

The answer is C.(Chaps. 24 and 25e) This is erythema nodosum, a panniculitis classically found on the lower extremities characterized by exquisitely tender nodules and plaques. It has several associated disease etiologies including infections (streptococcal, fungal, mycobacterial, yersinial), drugs (sulfas, penicillins, oral contraceptives), sarcoidosis, and other autoimmune diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease. Lung cancer is not a classically associated disease for erythema nodosum.



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