Set up Health Insurance Benefits for You and your family

Set up Health Insurance Benefits for Employees




Establish Status as Provider with Medicare and other Health Insurance Companies

Publish Handbook on the Policies and Procedres in the Clinic

Establish Plan on how to get a lot of referrals - Public Relations Campaign

Establish Hospital Privileges


1.  Market yourself....attend  Rotary, Lions club, barangay meeting.  Bark up the right tree. If you are
an internist, then you  could promote yourself with  the seniors. A pediatrician  should attend  school meetings.
2.  Have good  management systems for your office: a good receptionist, assistant/nurse, billing  person.
3.   Start a practice  with  less competition  and high barriers to entry.  MetroManila, LA    have an oversupply of docs.
4.  Maintain good quality:  continue  studying  and keep up.
5. Maintain access:  Try not to go on 2 month vacations  in the first few years.  Your patients cannot wait for you
6. Multi-task: you can be  a hospitalist, office doc,  teacher,  researcher  at the same time
7. Leverage technology: set up a lab, Ultrasound, Holter, Pulmonary Function Tests, etc



Medical Practice Management

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